About Us

NTAERS is located in Houston, Texas and has over 20 years of experience in the Mobile Repair Industry. We have developed relationships and currently maintain vehicles for more than ten Fortune 500 Companies. NTAERS operates more than seventy-five mobile repair units in over 30 different states, providing service 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

Our repair technicians hold ASE certifications in all levels of certification up to and including – National Truck, Auto & Equipment Repair Services offers organizations opportunities to lower the overall operating cost of their vehicle maintenance program through on-site PMI, Brake, Tire, Body Work, and On-Road Repair services.

NTAERS differentiates itself from the competition in three specific ways:

While some fleet maintenance providers focus exclusively on fleets with greater than 500 vehicles, NTAERS has established a significant presence in the small business segment.

As an established player in the private fleet and rail industry, NTAERS is able to effectively promote its product to the local business units of its customers.

With vendor relationships in the body repair, glass repair, and tire repair markets, NTAERS is able to provide customers with an equipment repair program that is comprehensive.

NTAERS succeeds in the small to mid-size market by believing fleet specialist will be the winners in the on-site repair and maintenance business. We achieve success in the on-site repair and maintenance market through our:

  • Intimate knowledge of the fleet industry
  • Awareness of particular needs of fleet managers
  • Ability to add value to fleet
  • National presence
  • Enhanced service offerings
  • Detailed management reports

NTAERS would like to provide these services for you. Please contact National Truck, Auto & Equipment Repair Services (NTAERS), your best choice in the mobile repair industry.